Spanner for Mac


Start Hugo in a click

Common Questions

What is Hugo?

Hugo is a popular, open-source framework for building static websites. It’s essentially a command-line tool that takes a structured folder as input for generating websites.

What is Spanner?

Spanner wraps Hugo’s command line interface in a graphical user interface, allowing you to interact with Hugo’s features with just a few clicks.

How do I use Spanner?

Drag and drop a Hugo site. Then, you can start/stop a local Hugo server, or even build and export your site. If you never used Hugo before, you can download this website as a sample project to use with Spanner.

Do I need to install Hugo to use Spanner?

Nope. Spanner comes with the latest major version of Hugo. Currently, it’s bundled with version 0.74.

How do I build a Hugo website?

You can learn to do that via Hugo’s official website. It has extensive documentation for templating, managing content, and troubleshooting.

I still need help!

Got an issue to raise, or have feedback to give? Feel free to send an email to